The ocean-fearing police chief of Amity Island in Steven Spielberg’s classic horror film is the ‘everyman’ hero that anyone can admire

(Universal Pictures)

Every year around the giddy celebrations of the 4th of July I celebrate in my own personal holiday tradition: watching Amity Island residents get torn to shreds by a great white shark named Bruce.

Obviously I’m speaking of the fictional film Jaws from 1975, the movie that created the summer blockbuster, as well as unintentionally initiating the corporatization of the film industry. I first saw the film when I was around the age of six or seven. As a kid in the early 2000's I knew it existed, and that I wasn’t allowed to see it, but one night my…

The climax of the 1957 film debut of Andy Griffith is eerily similar to the fall of Trump as the 45th American President

Lonesome Rhodes (Andy Griffith) entertaining a crowd as his stardom rises in America (Warner Bros.)

An endless amount of moments from A Face in the Crowd can be looked at as a link between the character of Lonesome Rhodes and the unfortunate truth of who former President Trump was/is. They both rose to fame in America through their popularity with a subset of American citizens. They both control almost any room they walk into based on their voice or attitude. And they both are incredible assholes to anyone who gets in their way.

What I’m more interested in looking at is how the finale of Kazan’s 1957 film almost predicted the way that Trump would…

Christopher Newport University was built on unfair treatment of local minorities. If they reopen this fall as planned, leadership may accidentally do it again.

A storm comes to CNU on April 19th, 2019. (Stephen Pierce)

Christopher Newport University (CNU) was founded in 1960 as “Christopher Newport College,” a branch of William & Mary, and began educating in an old elementary school building. Newport News’ city council spent the next three years fighting their Black community for the land of Shoe Lane, where CNU eventually was built. …

Hi. I am a writer who loves a lot of things, but most passionately, movies. I hope to post film reviews, thoughts, and analysis’ of any movies that I feel like doing. Sometimes I just like to get my thoughts out on a piece of paper or screen so they can feel more organized. Throughout my life I’ve always wanted to organize my thoughts about a movie after watching it but never really thought of doing this. This will be a little experiment so I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, how many movies I’ll review or what order I’ll do them. I’m pretty sure I’ll just review movies that I choose to put my time and effort into. Hey, maybe I’ll review some TV, books and poetry too, who knows? Lets start with some films, though.

Stephen Pierce

CNU20 grad; writer

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